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"With Austin's height being 6'9", and weighting 235 lbs, his easy strength and surprising agility proclaims him to be the most agressive player on the team, and by far the sexiest."


Hey, welcome to my Austin Croshere page. Austin Croshere is #44 on the Indiana Pacers, so that's why i have #44 everywhere, on my shoes, backpack...u name it. I am obsessed with him. I've been an Austin fan for two years now, I really think I'm the BIGGEST Austin's fan ever. I noticed how incredibly agile he is for his size, and his aggressiveness as he plays. I've haven't missed a single Pacers game in the last 2 years. I was so sad when they lost the finals, they were sooo close, and how many times do I have to tell you the refs cheated? :p But anyway, I didnt have anything to do with the photos and stuff I collected, so I decided I would make a page and share them with others, sounds good? Oh yah I also found out a lot of useless fun facts :)

Facts about Austin--
Full name: Austin Nathan Croshere
Birthday: May 1, 1975
Height: 6'9"
Weight: 249 lbs
Fave actress: Ashley Judd (hey mine too!!)
Fave actor: Al Pacino
Fave singer: Sting
Fave movies: "Hoosiers" and "The Natural" (he says that he saw them over 30 times!!)
Fave food: Pizza and seafood
Fave breakfast: Bacon
High School: Crossroads Los Angeles(Was an all-conference volleyball player in high school)
College: Providence (Business Management major, and earned his degree too!!!)
Basketball heroes: Magic Johnson, Christian Laettner and Don MacLean
Shoots: Right
Most important thing: His family
First dunk: 9th grade (14 years old)
Greatest thrill outside of sports: College graduation
Activities involved: Call-A-Pacer Program, Make-A-Wish Foundation postgame activities, and he also enjoys visiting schools and youth organization.
He identifies Alzheimer's Disease as a cause close to his heart.
He would like to establish a fund at Providence College to build an academic center for athletics.
He likes to: read, play billiards, and watch movies

His car: A Cadillac Escalade w/black tinted shades
His mom: Has black shoulder length hair....hehe
Drinks: He eat his meal with water
Fave restaurant: Bertolini's in the Circle Center Mall (thanks jason!)
His brother: His younger bro's name is Damon, which is now in Kiki's camp (yeah but i saw him at the clippers/pacers game, oh man he's cool like austin too..lol)
His first job: Boys Club of Santa Monica
His shoes: He wears a size 16 basketball shoe
--AND 1's Tai Chi Mid
H is grandma: Name is Alice Schulte, a little something i found at this elementary school site-- Austin Croshere, grandson of former 1st grade teacher Alice Schulte, visited Hartington during Hog Holidays. Several students got to meet Austin who is currently playing basketball for the NBA Indiana Pacers. Mrs. Schulte taught in our school for many years, retired in 1985. A number of her former students now have children attending HPS.