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I figured you won't be interested in my birthday and crap. So...

My name is Tina and....
I luv sweaters.
I hate feet.
I luv Austin Croshere.
I hate yellow smilely faces.
I luv Dave Matthews Band.
I hate fat. (which means Shaquille O'Neal :p)
I hate body-grease (which also means Shaq)
I luv Reggie Miller.
I hate my hair.
I luv hamsters.
I hate lions.
I luv scissors.
I luv hot Cheetos.
I hate aol.
I luv the Pacers.
I luv chocolate.
I hate pens.
I hate plastics.
I luv flowers.
I luv stickers.
I luv Disney.
I hate bugs.
I luv strawberries.
I hate printers.
I hate folders.
I luv cakes.
I hate spiders.
I hate Charles Oakley.
I luv Burger King's breakfast.
I luv my Austin scrapbook.
.....and did i mention I HATE REFS?

click here to listen to THE only reason i like burger king's breakfast :)

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NEW AT 11--Dave
-----headline Austin Croshere of the Indiana Pacers was snatched off the court by a crazed teen fan who claims to be his wife.

It all started from this teenage girl going to the Clippers/Pacers game here in LA.
"Hey austin can I have your autograph? damn it I know you hear me dont make me come over there and take it!!!"!!
"now give me a kiss before I break your knees and take you home with me and even if you dont give me a kiss I am still going to take you home...you choose, pleasure or pain."

It is now day three of the Croshere kidnapping, FBI agents are now in front of a home in riverside. Police have put road blocks around the neighborhood just in case the suspect tries to flee the scene.
Wait there appears to be Pacer jersey hanging out of the window...... and now it is pacer shorts and underwear I think we are going to need back up it could be a
very dangerous scene going on here bob.
We now have austins mother trying to negotiate with the hostage taker. Now the police appear to be about to attempt to break in the teens home, they are loaded with mace and pepper spray just in cast the teen decides to strike, we dont know what kind of weapons she may have
WAIT!! what is this the door just opened...
It is the teen and she appears to be holding something and shouting something very loud what is she saying???


A police officer has just hit the teen with pepper spray,
oh no oh no they have the teen on the ground
they have the hostage taker they have her!!
OH WAITTTT!!!!!! Austin comes running out side, and pushes the police officer back he then hits the officer in the face with a bat, what is going on here???? Austin then tells the officers to leave so he and his wife can be at peace. He picks up his wife and carrries her inside (awwww)

*if u r a publisher for whatever company, and u wanna know the author of this story, please feel free to e-mail me and ask!!! lol dave*

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